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Home » South Korea National Football Team vs Portugal National Football Team: Lineups and Tactical Analysis

South Korea National Football Team vs Portugal National Football Team: Lineups and Tactical Analysis

The match between the South Korea National Football Team and the Portugal National Football Team brings together two teams with distinct footballing styles. South Korea, known for its high-energy and disciplined approach, faces Portugal, a team celebrated for its technical skill and tactical nous. This article examines the lineups from their notable encounters and explores the tactical dimensions of these matches.

Contrasting Styles: South Korea vs Portugal

Encounters between South Korea and Portugal in international football are marked by a clash of styles. South Korea’s dynamic play often meets Portugal’s strategic and skill-based game, making for an exciting matchup.

Notable Match: South Korea vs Portugal

2002 FIFA World Cup Group Stage

  • Date: June 14, 2002
  • Venue: Incheon Munhak Stadium, Incheon, South Korea
  • Result: South Korea 1 – 0 Portugal

South Korea Starting Lineup

  • Goalkeeper: Lee Woon-Jae
  • Defenders: Choi Jin-Cheul, Hong Myung-Bo (C), Kim Tae-Young
  • Midfielders: Lee Young-Pyo, Yoo Sang-Chul, Kim Nam-Il, Park Ji-Sung, Lee Eul-Yong
  • Forwards: Seol Ki-Hyeon, Ahn Jung-Hwan
  • Manager: Guus Hiddink
  • Formation: 3-4-3
  • Tactical Overview: South Korea’s lineup featured a 3-4-3 formation, emphasizing agility and quick transitions from defense to attack. The team relied on the pace and work rate of its midfielders and forwards, particularly exploiting the width of the field.

Portugal Starting Lineup

  • Goalkeeper: Vítor Baía
  • Defenders: Fernando Couto (C), Jorge Costa, Beto
  • Midfielders: Rui Costa, Paulo Bento, Sérgio Conceição, Luís Figo
  • Forwards: Pauleta, João Pinto, Nuno Gomes
  • Manager: António Oliveira
  • Formation: 4-3-3
  • Tactical Overview: Portugal’s 4-3-3 formation was designed to maximize their technical superiority in midfield and the attacking prowess of their forwards. Figo and Rui Costa were key in creating chances, while the forward line was tasked with capitalizing on these opportunities.

Match Analysis

In this historic 2002 World Cup match, South Korea’s energetic and disciplined approach effectively countered Portugal’s technical and experienced lineup. The South Korean team’s relentless energy and strategic use of space disrupted Portugal’s rhythm, leading to a memorable victory that resonated throughout the tournament.

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